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Facade (Building Envelope) Consultancy

What is Facade Consultancy ?

Facades - Building Envelopes, today is a very expensive and complicated part of the construction, that necessitating many different specialties and walk side by side very high technologies. Therefore Designing, Specifying, Guiding and Controlling of the Building envelope studies, require this relatively new but a very important consultancy, which must be executed by well organized and experienced companies, which are equipped with all necessary engineering disciplines and know-how.

Why Facade Consultancy Needed ?

Involving very many sub disciplines, the selection of glazing and cladding products is a highly complicated process. Also the follow up of this process, specifying and controlling with an experienced team will build the right conditions for the right cost control and safe building which will have a long life.

Which Facade Consultant ?

What are the Things to be considered while choosing your facade consultant ?

It is very important that your consultant company is an institution, involves all sub disciplines of Facade Works. The correct research and calculation of all sub disciplines is very high of importance.

Companies which consists of one person or built with a single persons knowhow are deficient and unable to give a sufficient service.

Your consultant team should not consist of people experienced from a single discipline. An efficient consultant team should be built up from individuals who have accumulated experience from many and different branches of facade works. It is substantial to have achieved experience in all phases of the work from A to Z.

The consultant institution should have contact and collaboration with universities, international institutions.

Your consultant firm should have international experience and cooperations in order to answer any of your international projects.

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